10 December 2017

Human papilloma virus is the main cause of cervical cancer.
HPV is a widely spread virus that is easily transmitted through sexual contact with infected person 
Two HPV types 16th and 18th cause 70 % of cervical cancers.  high-risk factors are: early first sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, tobacco use
The majority of HPV infections do not cause symptoms. symptoms appear only after the cancer has reached an advanced stage 
HPV Vaccine protects against HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18.
Vaccines are safe and very effective in preventing infection. Clinical trial results show that nearly 100% of vaccinated person have a sufficient number of antibodies and are protected. 
Worldwide, millions of girls and women receive HPV vaccine without serious side effects. 
2017 the HPV vaccine has been introduced in 71 countries( including 11 for boys)
The vaccine works against cervical cancer but don’t provide prevention of HIV or sexually transmitted diseases also does not prevent pregnancy.