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About Clinic

In 1976, Prof. NodarBokhua founded one of the first laboratories for microsurgery of blood vessels in the Soviet Union located in the Institute of Surgery. On the base of this laboratory, cardio-vascular surgery center was established in the Railway Hospital in 1980.  Fundamental matters of modern vascular medicine in clinical practice were elaborated and developed in the Center.  For the first time in Georgia, large number of reconstructive surgeries were implemented and performed on the great vessels in this Center.  

The center is a leading medical institution in Georgia where full diagnostics and treatment of all cardiovascular and heart pathologies is performed. It is fully equipped with the state-of-art equipment manufactured by the leading companies, which allows us to provide high quality medical service to each patient. Social awareness, economic responsibility and honest cooperation with our partners represent significant priorities for our clinic.

Powerful post-operative department is functioning in the Center and is equipped with the modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, which allows us to bring postoperative complications to the minimal level. 

All types of reconstructive surgeries are performed on the blood vessels feeding brain, digestive organs, kidneys, extremities in the Center.

Microsurgical techniques and the procedures, such as autotransplantation of the skin, parts of the muscle and bone and large intestine, peripheral nerve transplantation and etc. are widely used in the medical practice. On average, 60 surgeries are performed in the Center each month and 700 surgeries every year. The Center has valuable experience in endovascular angioplasty, conservative treatment of the patients with vascular diseases, and more specifically, in the diabetic angioplasty.

Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center represents the only specialized clinic, where the reconstructive surgeries are performed; 80% of the vascular surgeries are done in this Center. Our Center represents a leading institution in Georgia and South Caucasus region. 

Members of the cardiovascular surgery team represented in our clinic have vast experience; they have performed several thousands of cardiovascular surgeries; they have done internships in the leading clinics of Europe, located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland.

Infection and quality control is carried out in the center using contemporary systems, which brings the risks of clinical complications to the minimal level.


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