Vaccination against influenza

21 November 2017

Seasonal flu is an acute infectious disease caused by A and B virus, the risk of which is the highest in cold months (from October to March).
High risk of lethal complications and lethality are under:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Elders
  • People with chronic diseases: (asthma, heart failure, diabetic liver and kidney chronic diseases)
  • People who look after diseased people
  • People with weak immune system – having AIDS and HIV and malignant tumor

With the recommendation provided by the World Health Organization, vaccination against influenza is considered as the best way to prevent flu.

Georgian Registered vaccines consist of 3 components and protects against most spread viruses ( 2 types A virus and 1 type B virus)

Vaccination is recommented for everyobody greater than 6 month old. 

The vaccination against the Influenza is already possible in Zhordania Clinic,  in  Vake branch.