Innovative, bloodless and minimally traumatic method for the treatment of arteries and veins.

01 December 2017

Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center is the first and only clinic that started effective debulking in occluded arteries and veins by Straub Endovascular tools.

The method is effective for acute, subacute and chronic arterial occlusions:

  • Native vessels
  • Stents (In-stent reocclusion)
  • Native and artificial bypasses
  • Dialysis access

Head of the direction is endovascular surgeon, Doctor of Medicine - Vakhtang Kipiani.

The first successful operations have already been performed in the Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center applying a thrombectomy catheter of the Straub® Medical System.

It’s worth mentioning that according to analyzes along with the efficiency of the performed operations, there was a significant reduction in hospitalization time (presence of a patient in the hospital). This significantly reduces the risk of repeated disease associated with hospitalization.

Treatment by Straub® Medical System is available only in Bokhua Memorial Cardiovascular Center.