An operation that was performed in Tbilisi Central Hospital for the first time in Georgia.

30 November 2017

According to Professor Mamuka Gonjilashvili, the patient who had visited the clinic had a tumor of the distal part of the entire biliary tract, which completely blocked the duct.

How frequent is this diagnosis and when was performed the first operation?

Over the past 30 years, the number of malignant tumors of the pancreas head and pancreatoduodenal system has increased 3 times and reached 7 percent of the total number of tumors. The risk of developing malignant tumors at the age of 40 is very low however, it increases after 50th. The disease is more common in men, but in recent years, the incidences have increased significantly in women. This may be due to increased consumption of tobacco.

The first successful open operation was performed in 1935 and by laparoscopy- in the late 90’s. Since then, such operations are being carried out in some countries of Europe and America, because this requires a highly professional medical team and high-tech equipment.
This operation is successfully performed in Georgia in an open surgical manner.  But by laparoscopy it was conducted for the first time in Georgia in Tbilisi Central Hospital. 

There are up to 200 modifications of this operation. The method that we have chosen is one of the technically most complex and optimal solution for the patient.

What was the response after this operation? 

The operation period coincided with the first international congress organized by the surgical society named after Grigol Mukhadze in Georgia, where was announced the given operation. We received congratulations, invitations.

What was the preparatory process for the operation?

This operation requires quite a lot of preparation.The key to its successful implementation were technologically no less complex operations conducted in our clinic before. Also, the experience of our team gained in Europe. Except for the surgeon, the professionalism and training of other group members is of great importance. At the first operation, my assistants were Lasha Saralidze and OniseTkeshelashvili. The doctor-anesthesiologist was Temur Tsasidze. If all the team members were not so professional, the operation would not be so successful.

In general, what are the advantages of laparoscopic surgical operation?

Generally, there is an approach to conduct all operations with laparoscopic method in our clinic. Laparoscopic surgery is more cost saving for patients, and rehabilitation is faster and easier. However, it is technically difficult. It requires good training of medical personnel as well as high-level technology; which we have all in one space at our clinic.

Does the Tbilisi Central Hospital have a technical opportunity to conduct other high-tech operations?

Of course, our clinic is fully equipped, is multidisciplinary and includes all the necessary directions.

What other operations did you perform in Georgia for the first time?

The following operations were conducted for the first time in Georgia:laparoscopic cancer surgery of the right half of the large intestine, endoscopic treatment of esophageal diverticula, endoscopic treatment of esophageal compression with our modification, weight correction surgery (so called weight loss operations) mini gastric bypass, gastrectomy or removal of the whole of the stomach laparoscopically when there is stomach cancer, laparoscopic treatment of a rectum tumor- resection of anterior lower rectum, extirpation of the rectum.The thyroid gland removal by neurophysiological navigation. Surgical treatment of type 2 diabetes from the CIS was first conducted in our country.

Do you plan other high-tech operations in the future?

I have a great desire to do a laparoscopic liver resection. I was in Germany to go through this issue, and attended several operations there; I would like to perform them myself.
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